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Worms Armageddon

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Worms Armageddon is a turn-based artillery game created by Team 17.  The objective of the game is to kill the other team of worms with your team of worms by using crazy weapons varying from shotguns to exploding sheep



Axe: Takes half of worm's health off but will not kill a worm unless he is on one HP

Handgun: Only a maximum damage of 30 however you get Five shots

Uzi: Does a maximum damage of 50.

Shotgun: Very effective at close range and can fire more than once in a turn.

Minigun: Upgrade to the Uzi and does maximum of 75 damage.

Longbow: Can be used to knock opponents off edges.  You get two shots with the longbow.

Prod: Does no damage and only moves the enemy a small amount but damn is it funny!

Suicide Bomber: If used, your worm will blow himself up. This does a tiny bit of damage but also releases fumes that make the enemy sick. (losing health)

Kamikaze: launch your worm in enemy’s direction.  Does maximum of of 30 damage.

Air Strike: Missiles  dropped from the air onto your enemies heads. The angle of the strike can be chosen and each missile does maximum of 25 damage.

Napalm Strike: Napalm missiles  dropped from the air which  will explode into napalm above the ground coving it in fire.  Napalm is affected by the wind. 

French Sheep Strike: The Name says it all; Exploding Sheep are dropped over an area and do large amounts of Damage.

Mine Strike: Drop 5 mines onto the landscape or onto your enemy.

Bazooka: Shoots a rocket which is affected by the wind. Can use this to hit worms who are in difficult places or behind cover. 

Homing Missile: A missile that homes onto your enemy. Firstly you select the area you want to hit and then select the power. The missile will automatically home in on this position.

Homing Pigeon: Much like the Homing missile but does much more damage. Also it is way funnier!

Sheep Launcher: Launches a Sheep into the air at your enemy. Tend to jump around a bit before they explode and do a maximum of 75 damage.

Grenade: Throw a grenade at your enemy. The power and length of fuse can be set to ensure maximum damage. Grenades tend to bounce around a lot and are useful for hitting worms hidden in holes.. 

Cluster Bomb: Like the grenade but instead the bomb explodes into smaller cluster bombs which also explode. Only does 15 damage per cluster bomb and is well, pretty useless. 

Banana Bomb: One of the most powerful weapons in the game! The Banana Bomb is much like the Cluster bomb but it separates into 5 smaller banana bombs on contact. Each of these can do up too 100 damage.

Earth Quake: Shakes the ground causing worms to fall off ledges and sometimes into the water. . 

Fire Punch: A massive punch that and is useful for knocking worms off ledges or into  explosive objects.. 

Dragon Ball: Very similar to the fire punch but the worm launches it self towards the enemy and therefore does not have to be next to him to make it effective.

Dynamite: One of the most likely the most used weapon and it's very simple: Just place the dynamite and run. Does a maximum of 75 damage. 

Mine: Places a mine on the ground which will be set off by any worm coming close to it. Can also be placed on top of worms to explode instantly (after a small countdown).
Sheep: Let’s loose a sheep which bounces along the land and can be exploded at any time. Awww cute!

Super Sheep: Much like the normal sheep however with super sheep you can control him while he is flying through the air and carefully drop him onto  enemy worm heads!

Aqua Sheep: The same as the super sheep, except this can go underwater.

Mortar: This has a huge range but is very inaccurate. Shoots a cluster bomb which explodes into further clusters of bombs doing a maximum of 15 damage each.

Mole Bomb: Let loose a mole which borrows into the ground and can be detonated at any time. Useful at creating a quick shelter underground or to flush out worms already below ground.

Mail Strike: Drop Five letters onto your foes! Used the same as any other strike, but like the napalm strike, is affected by the wind. Each mail takes off I think a maximum of 50 points of damage. 

Mole Squadron: A group of mole bombs dropped from the air which behave like any other type of strike. However they can be detonated at will

Blowtorch: Used to dig through the ground to create shelter. Can also be used to attack other worms at close range. Does a maximum of 35 Damage. 

Pneumatic Drill: Much like the blowtorth but can only dig vertically downwards.

Girder: Create a girder which will protect worms from incoming attack. Can also be used to reach inaccessible areas 

Baseball Bat: Can smash worms off cliffs and into mines and does a maximum of 30 damage.. 

Ninja Rope: A rope that can be used to swing along the landscape and reach inaccessible areas. Normally has unlimited uses and can be used to escape after a weapon has been places (mostly dynamite). Can also drop weapons while using the ninja rope.

Bungee: Used to ‘bungee’ down the side of cliffs without taking any damage or ending your turn. Good for reaching inaccessible areas.

Parachute: Can be used to jump large gaps in the terrain. Weapons can also be dropped while using parachute. This is heavily affected by the wind and if it isn’t blowing in the right direction you aren’t going where you want to go!

Teleport: Very simple. Click teleport and click where you want to teleport to. 

Super Banana Bomb: Much like the Banana bomb but way way way more powerful. 

Holy Hand Grenade: Much like the hand Grenade but does a huge amount of damage and can blow huge holes in the landscape. (Monty Python anyone?).

Flame Thrower: Shoot flame at enemy worms to do a maximum of 125 damage. However the flame is affected by the wind so make sure it isn’t blowing in your direction!

Salvation Army: Releases the forces of the salvation army! (a strange dude with a drum). Moves slowly along the ground and explodes on its own after a while. Can also be detonated at will before this.

Petrol Bomb: Much like napalm but on a much smaller scale. Once the petrol bomb explodes it releases fire which burns the landscape and any worms present.

Skunk: Releases a skunk! This runs along the landscape and releases ‘gas’ once selected too. This makes all worms in the area ill and they lose health each turn.

Scales of Justice: Redistributes your worms health making them all equal. Good if you have some worms on high health and some on very low.
Carpet Bomb: Releases carpets from the air which behave like any other air strike but once they hit the ground they can bounce and explode up to five times.

Mad Cow: Launch a cow along the ground which explodes after a certain amount of time doing up too 50 damage.

Old Woman: Much like the Salvation Army, you just press space and watch the old granny walk to her destination. Does a maximum of 75 damage.

Concrete Donkey:  Drops a massive concrete Donkey from the skies. Once it hits land it stomps around destroying everything until it reaches the sea. Doesn’t do much damage but everything in the area will end up underwater anyways.

Indian Nuclear Test:  Causes the water rise a fair distance and make everybody on the map sick, losing 2 health after each turn

Armageddon: Destroys everything. Enough said.