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Wario Land II

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One morning while Wario is sleeping in his castle, Captain Syrup and her soldiers, the Pirate Gooms, sneak into Wario's home. The invaders manage to steal all of Wario's treasure he had collected in the first Wario Land game and flood his home by leaving a large water faucet in his basement running. During the raid, the Pirate Gooms accidentally set off Wario's alarm clock, but make their escape before he wakes up. Eventually Wario wakes up and figures out what Syrup and her Gooms have done. He sets out to find them and pursues them across many different areas surrounding his castle.

The game has several branching level paths that change how the game's storyline plays out, many of which have their own variation on the game's ending. Once the player has completed one of the endings, they can select any stage they have completed and see which treasures they have and have not collected. The only way to see the game's "true" ending, the player has to collect every treasure available in the game and complete the entire picture panel that appears after a level is completed.