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Super Mario Land

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Mario goes spelunking.
Mario goes spelunking.
Super Mario Land was a launch title for the original Game Boy. It was the first "true" Mario game for the system, even though there were a few differences between it and the other Mario platforming games, such as it's slightly higher difficulty level, the tropical/desert setting of Sarasaland, and the sections where Mario rides in vehicles.


Mario travels to Sarasaland, where his goal is to rescue Princess Daisy from the alien Tatanga. To defeat him he must travel to the four Kingdoms of Sarasaland, each with it's own theme:

  • Birabuto Kingdom - The first kingdom, with a desert theme, including stages that take place on top of giant palm trees and inside of pyramids.
  • Muda Kingdom - Takes place in water-themed levels, including an underwater stage where Mario pilots a submarine.
  • Easton Kingdom - An Easter Island-themed stage, with some underground levels.
  • Chai Kingdom - An Asian-themed kingdom, with a final level that takes place in the air.


Adventures in Chai Kingdom.
Adventures in Chai Kingdom.
Super Mario Land plays a lot like any other Mario platforming game, with a few distinct differences. Firstly, when Mario grabs a fire flower he will not be transformed into Fire Mario, but rather he will gain the ability to throw "super balls." Super balls bounce off of objects instead of disintegrating like fireballs do. Other than that they're used exactly as Mario uses fireballs.

In this game, for the first time, Mario pilots vehicles. He first climbs into a personal submarine called the "Marine Pop" which fires torpedoes. Later, he climbs into his airplane, called the "Sky Pop," which also fires missiles and basically controls exactly as the submarie does, only in the air instead of underwater.

After you beat the game, you unlock "Hard Mode," where enemies are moved around on the stages to make them more difficult.


Super Mario Land sold 18.4 million copies, making it the third highest selling game of the Mario Series and the fourth highest selling game for the GameBoy.