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Small Soldiers

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Small Soldiers is a third-person action game. Instead of dealing with the  Commandos and Gorgonites from the movie, the game uses the characters in an fantasy environment as which isdescribed on the back of the toy figures' packaging from the movie.

It has fourteen levels of single-player action featuring the Gorgonite Archer, others include the commando Chip Hazard. You assume the role of Archer, who has to defend his world against an invasion of the commandos. the basic controls are you can jump, climb ledges and fight using a blaster. Many levels involve freeing captured Gorgonites who then can help you fight against the evil. Multiplayer includes two head-to-head two-player Chip vs. Archer mode where you either need to capture flags or get a set amount of frags.


Archer - Gorgonites leader, who uses his arm as a cross bow, considered the most bravest out of all the Gorgonites. He gets to summon his fellow mates to help in his quest to protect Gorgon.

Ocula - Archers transporter who is a one eyed creature.

Punch it - the orange monster who has no legs is a close friend of Archer.

Insaniac - Known as the twister. Uncontrollable friend who uses his spin attack against the Commandos.

Slamfist - The biggest Gorgonite, who`s appearence is of a hunch back. His mighty power can take down enemies in a instant.

Freakenstein - As from the name he is a creature which was torn apart by the commados and put back together in a disfigured way.

Stench - He is a new Gorgonie which is not seen the movie.

Nibble - A gorgonite which can fly

Major Chip Hazard - The leader of the commandos, his main objective is to destroy the gorgonites with any means necessary. The use of firearms and with help of his team, they pose a hard challenge for the Gorgonites.