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In 1990, the arcade world was turned on its side, when Atari Games released an action game with a twist. Unlike games from that time -- which were typically crowd-pleasing brawlers of some sort -- Rampart paved its own path. Combining puzzle, strategy, and shooting; this game would eventually see release on a staggering number of platforms.


Are you prepared?
Are you prepared?
Time to play war. If building walls and defending castles is your game, then you're in for a real treat. The player controls a handful of castles which must be defended and repaired all within a brisk time-limit. Ships will attack your fortress typically with cannon-fire, and you must retaliate with your own arsenal, doing your best to protect the castle. You can build walls around your castles to absorb damage, but you'll undoubtedly have to get a bit creative.
In single-player, you start out by choosing where your fortress will be placed. You're then surrounded by a wall, and can then place your cannons. Following this are a set of rounds; the first being attack, the second repair. After surviving this barrage, you are given additional time to place more cannons in your fort. The game ends when you fail to successfully repair your castle, or when you sink enough of the enemy fleet.