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Project-X-Stream is an instense shoot-em-up that features 3 levels of hardcore old school shooter action. Just blast everything you see and kill the boss at the end of each level.

Collect the (S)peed-ups for a faster ship.
Collect the (p)ower-ups for better weapons.


Weapon one - The standard shooter.
Weapon two - A double shooter that has a wider range.
Weapon Three - The crest wave which can't be stopped by baddies.
Weapon four - Double Crest Wave.
Weapon five - Shield (Can be re-charged with every extra power-up).


KEEP FIRE PRESSED! - It gives the best fire power!
Keep moving
Don't fire when you don't have to (eg. in the asteroid storm)
The first boss is VERY easy when you work out how the fireballs attack.
In the Tunnels its best to keep getting the shield over and over.
The boss on level 2 can only be destroyed by a powerful ship :)