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Titles Screen for Original 1989 Edition of Populous
Titles Screen for Original 1989 Edition of Populous
Populous is an isometric strategy game published by Bullfrog in 1989 intially on the PC and Atari ST, being subsequently ported to the SNES and MegaDrive (Genesis).  In populous, players take on the roll of a god tasked with leading his or her people to the overall conquest of their world, putting down other tribes who worship differing gods along the way.

It featured a dynamic terrain altering system, whereby players could shape the land to suit the requirements of their followers, or to the detriment of their enemies.  Using this system, land could be flattened to build settlements, or flooded with water, or even ascended to create hills and mountains.   Players could use this sytem to attack their enemies in numerous ways, such as by flooding their villages.  The game possesses many spiritual similarities to the 2001 PC title Black and White, having both been developed under the direction of Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog and subsequently Lionhead Studios.