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Pokemon - Yellow Version

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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition was the fourth installment of the Pokemon series for the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan, and the third in North America, Europe, and Australia. This game is based of the popular  Pokemon Red/Blue versions. Rather then picking one of the three Pokemon that was offered by Professor Oak ( Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle), the player was given Pikachu, an electric type Pokemon. 


Pokemon Yellow's story is very similar to that of Pokemon Red/Blue. The player is allowed to create his or her own character by deciding their name. From
Pallet Town
Pallet Town
there, the player is greeted to Pallet Town, a place where Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon Anime series originated from. Rather than picking one of the three Pokemon Professor Oak had to offer, the player was greeted to Pikachu. And from then on, having a similar story to that of the Anime, Pikachu will be the only Pokemon that decides to follow the player around rather then staying in its Pokéball. Pikachu will follow the player in his or her quest of achieving 8 badges to head on to the Pokemon League, a tournament where Pokemon trainers show how much they've learned about their Pokemon. The player is then greeted to a variety of cities which was also mentioned in the Anime. The player will be greeted to many main characters within the Anime series such as Brock, the gym leader of Pewter City, and Misty, the gym leader Cerulean city. The player will also meet the antagonist of the Anime series and the Red/Blue versions of the game, Team Rocket, a nefarious group of people who dedicate their lives to capture Pokemon. Players will also meet a variety of gym leaders throughout their journey and also a plethora of trainers who will either challenge or be challenged by the player. 


The gameplay in Pokemon Yellow is based of the turn-based battle system that was found in Red/Blue version. The player's Pokemon is only allowed to have 4 attacks. Depending on the Pokemon, it could start off with a range of attacks. There are also different types of attacks, such as elemental attacks and physical attacks. Pokemon are also able to learn new abilities; however, since they are only allowed to have 4 attacks, the player must choose wisely if he or she wishes to forget an attack in order to learn a new attack.

Learning new attacks require Pokemon to level up. Leveling up is by challenging other Pokemon trainers that is in the game or 
Pokemon in the wild. The player will have to choose a Pokemon in their inventory to battle one of the opponent's Pokemon. If the player defeats the trainer, their Pokemon will earn Experience Points (EXP), and the trainer will also earn money that can buy potions, Poké Balls, etc. After enough experience is collected, Pokemon will be able to learn certain attacks based on their type, and the level that they leveled up to. The player is also allowed to switch Pokemon mid-battle if the situation permits it; however, the Pokemon that was switched and the Pokemon which was switched to will only get half of the full experience when the battle is won. This strategy allows players to level up weak Pokemon quickly if done correctly. And if the player levels up their Pokemon to a certain level, the Pokemon will evolve. Evolving allows the Pokemon to take on a new form, and will also become stronger and be able to learn attacks that it couldn't learn before. But if the players wishes for their Pokemon to stay at that stage, he or she can rapidly tap the B button to stop the evolution if the evolution screen is presented. 

Also when players put their Pokemon into battle, their Pokemon will take damage. If Pokemon are injured too much, the player must take them to the Pokemon Center in order for the Pokemon's Hit Points (HP) to be fully restored. But if there isn't a Pokemon Center nearby, players are able to buy potions to heal their Pokemon during battle. And players can buy potions from the PokéMart that is located throughout the game. The player is only able to buy a maximum of 99 of each different types of potions, Pokéballs, etc. From there, the player is allowed to carry a set amount of items with them throughout their venture.

In order to catch Pokemon, the player is required to have a Pokéball. A Pokéball allows a player to capture any Pokemon that is in the game. Some Pokemon are stronger than others; therefore, it requires the player to weaken it first with his or her Pokemon before it can be caught. Pokéballs are also purchased from the PokéMart. There are different types of Pokéballs, and each of them have a different percentage of catching Pokemon. The player is also only able to carry a maximum of 6 Pokemon within their inventory. If a player decides to switch Pokemon, then he or she would be required to go to a PC which is located in the Pokemon Center. From there, the player is allowed to switch whatever Pokemon that he or she has already caught from their PCs to their inventory and vice-versa. 
Your primary goal Pokemon Yellow is to become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all, to do that you have to train Pokemon to take on the Elite Four, which is formed by the very four best Pokemon trainers around, after taking all the Pokemon from the four trainers down you still have to face the Elite Champion to, then, if you manage to win the battle, become the newest champion. To do that you won't have access to Pokemon Center's care for your Pokemon and you will have to deal with the six Pokemon you choose in the beginning against all 5 trainers, it is actually allowed to stock up items and use them in any of your Pokemon, but changing one Pokemon downed for some other with his health full won't be allowed. When you beat the Elite and the champion your name and Pokemon will go down in the hall of fame. You can still come back and battle the Elite Four anytime after you beat them the first time, it's actually one of the best places in the game for easy and high amount of experience, and you also receive money out of each trainer defeated, making it a great monetary source either.

Pokemon Gyms

 During the adventure you'll have to face 8 different gym leaders and beat them to acquire their badges, and with them, get allowed into Victory Road and reach Indigo Plateau for the Elite. Each Pokemon Gym Leader is an specialist in some Pokemon type, it's important to notice thetypr for better chances of counter-attacking with a strong type Pokemon. Here are the gym leaders, their location, their specialty and Pokemons used.

Pewter City Gym

Leader - Brock 
Badge - Boulder Badge
Pokemon Type - Rock/Ground
Pokemon Used - Geodude, Onyx

Cerulean City Gym

Leader - Misty
Badge -  Cascade Badge
Pokemon Type - Water
Pokemon Used -  Staryu, Starmie

Vermilion City Gym

Leader -  Lt. Surge
Badge - Thunder Badge
Pokemon Type -  Electric
Pokemon Used -  Raichu

Celadon City Gym

Leader - Erika 
Badge - Rainbow Badge
Pokemon Type - Grass
Pokemon Used -   Tangela, Weepinbell, Gloom

Saffron City Gym

Leader - Sabrina
Badge - Marsh Badge
Pokemon Type - Psychic
Pokemon Used - Abra, Kadabra, Alakazan

Fuchsia City Gym

Leader -  Koga
Badge - Soul Badge
Pokemon Type - Bug/Poison
Pokemon Used - Venonat, Venonat, Venonat, Venomoth 

Cinnabar City Gym

Leader - Blaine
Badge - Volcano Badge
Pokemon Type - Fire
Pokemon Used - Ninetails, Rapidash, Arcanine

Viridian City Gym

Leader - Giovanni
Badge - Earth Badge
Pokemon Type - Ground
Pokemon Used - Dugtrio, Persian, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon 

The Elite Four

 The very four best Pokemon trainers are the ultimate challenge for this game, you have to beat them all along with the current Pokemon Champion to achieve your goal of becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer.

Elite Four Lorelei

Pokemon Type -  Water/Ice
Pokemon Used - Dewgon, Cloyter, Slowbro, Jynx, Lapras

Elite Four Bruno

Pokemon Type - Fighting
Pokemon Used - Onyx, Hitmonchan , Hitmonlee, Machamp, Onyx

Elite Four Agatha

Pokemon Type - Ghost
Pokemon Used - Gengar, Golbat, Hunter, Arbok, Gengar

Elite Four lance

Pokemon Type - Dragon/Flying
Pokemon Used - Gyarados, Dragonair, Dragonair, Aerodactyl, Dragonite

Elite Four Champion Gary Oak (Rival)

Pokemon Type - Gary has a very balanced team
Pokemon Used - Gary's Pokemon for the final battle will depend on which Pokemon his Eevee evolved into. The evolution will depend on your actions in the game, here are the three sets of Pokemon he might be using
With Vaporeon - Sandslash, Alakazan, Exeggutor, Ninetales, Magneton
With Jolteon - Sandslash, Alakazan, Exeggutor,  Ninetales, Cloister
With Flareon - Sandslash, Alakazan, Exeggutor, Cloister, Magneton

Surfing Pikachu

 One of the new features in Pokemon Yellow is the possibility to play a mini-games called "Surfing Pikachu", you just had to show up at the house near the beach in route 19 and have a Pikachu who knows the technique "Surf" as one of his four moves. Of course Pikachu doesn't naturally learn Surf so the player could get one at Nintendo events, but the best way to get a Pikachu with Surf would be Pokemon Stadium 2. If you manage to beat Round 2's Prime Cub Master Ball with a team containing the Pikachu you receive at the beginning of Pokemon Yellow (it has to be Pikachu from Yellow, the one the follows you around) without using continues and making Pikachu participate of all battles until the end, then you would have the option to teach Surf to Pikachu at the end, being able to use it in the game and participate the mini-game.


The length of the game varies. It could take from a few dozen hours to a few hundred hours. Players strive for their Pokemon to reach the highest level and also to collect all the Pokemon within the game. This game is for both hardcore and casual players because it allows players who are passionate about Pokemon to catch all the game has to offer, or just go around and battle other trainers for fun.