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Nintendo World Cup

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Nintendo World Cup, originally realeased in 1990 was one of the best soccer games available on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  It was published by Nintendo and developed by Technos Japan Corporation. 

The soccer (football) in the game is six on six between many different countries including East Germany and West Germany.  You can play soccer on grass, sand, ice and dirt.  The game was designed by the same developers of River City Ransom and such, the players have large heads and short legs.  In fact, many of the same sprites used in River City Ransom are used in World Cup.  The game also features some of the most addicting music ever on NES.
When it comes to slide tackles, there are no fouls.  It is encouraged to take out players via slide tackle to take the ball from them.  Also, if you tackle a player enough times, the player will get injured and will no longer be able to play.  Instead, the player would remain unconscious on the field until a goal was scored.  The tackle animations are quite pleasing.   Players are given five super shots per half and can be used by performing a header or a bicycle kick.  Each country had its own unique supershot.  What is unique about these shots is how crazy they were.  Some would look like they are going one direction then go another and some would go so fast you could barely see them.

Also, every first game is against Cameroon for some reason.

Nintendo World Cup's Muliplayer mode allows players to choose the type of field they would play on.  Available choices include sand, grass, dirt, and ice.  These alternative surfaces have a big effect on gameplay.  The dirt field has big rocks that could trip players, even so far as to injure them enough so the player would lie unconscious on the field.  The ice field makes players slide around, while the sand field slows the ball's movement considerably.