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NHL 2000

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EA Sport's 2000 Version of their NHL series didn't boast vast improvements over previous years. For this year's release, Chris Pronger (then with St. Louis Blues) graced the North American cover and Marcus Naslund (then with the Vancouver Canucks) graced the European cover.

The overall the game did somewhat drop in likeness; in the Nhl '99 (PC) the Stanley Cup is shown with the player on ice when you win it, in Nhl '00 (this game for PC) the Stanley Cup is not visible at all until the awards screen appears.

The organization of the game did improve lots. The Improvements could've been better though for detail and accessories. The trading is a little more realistic in this game comared to the other Nhl game that EA made in the past. For example, last years PC version rarely decline a trade you purposed to make with the computer. This year, the computer reads it and makes a better decision on whether it's a good trade or bad trade...a bad trade will be declined and a good trade will obviously be accepted.

Snapshot of PC's detail of NHL'00
Snapshot of PC's detail of NHL'00
EA sports fixed up the accidental
glitches from their last make of
NHL (PC). Last NHL had a glitch
that allowed you to hit a player
through the wall without braking
the glass or wall. The player through
the wall then would be stuck in
the stands triing to skate to the