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Ms. Pac Man

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The idea of Ms. Pacman was not by Namco, but by hackers. The first version of Ms. Pacman was created in 1981 by a handful of programmers at General Computer Corporation. The programmers took a Pacman cabinet, and modified it, calling it Crazy Otto.
Ms. Pac-Man Box Art (NES, Namco)
Ms. Pac-Man Box Art (NES, Namco)
The programmers, showed it to Midway, who were both surprised at the quality of Crazy Otto, and were getting upset over the long period of time between  the original Pacman, and it's sequel. Midway bought the rights for Crazy Otto, and added the Pacman sprites, and the iconic name, Ms. Pacman to the once bootleg game.
As Ms. Pacman became more and more popular, Namco noticed this very quickly. Midway had not gotten consent from Namco to publish the game in the first place, and with that a legal battle was about to erupt. Fearing a case would be brought against themselves, Midway and GCC turned over the rights for Ms. Pacman to Namco. Afterwards, Namco created numerous ports for the home consoles, while benefiting from the widley popular arcade game, that was soon becoming a cultural phenomon.


Ms. Pacman's gameplay does not stray much from Pacman's gameplay of eating pellets, eating power pellets to eat ghosts, and eating numerous types of fruit. Though there are a few major changes that would change the gameplay experince between both games.
  • The first such change is the three scenes after each level is completed. They scenes tell the story of how they first meet, dating, and when the stork drops off their baby.
  • The second change is a minor one; the changing of the orange ghost's name from Clyde to Sue.
  • The ghosts now have movements that are semi-random. Because of this, many players have learned to use a set of moves to avoid the ghosts.
  • The fruit no longer appears and stays in the center of the maze. It instead enters from one tunnel of the maze, travels around, and will leave through the other tunnel if not eaten by the player.
  • The fruits order is now cherries, strawberry, orange, pear, apple, pretzel, banana. The score for each is also 100, 200, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, 5000.
  • The final change is that there are six different mazes. With each maze there are four different kinds of color, or style that is in each one. Each maze also now had two warp tunnels, that will transport the player to the opposite side of the maze, as well as the walls now being filled in(Pacman had hollow walls.)