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Mortal Kombat 3

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Mortal Kombat 3 is a fighting game by Midway that began appearing in arcades in April 1995. Unlike the one year of development for Mortal Kombat II, two years passed beforeMortal Kombat 3 hit. 16-bit conversions for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo were released on September 8, 1995, along with a Game Boy version as well. A rare Game Gear version of MK3 was made but only saw a release in Japan and Europe. MK3 was an early member of the Sony PlayStation library, as a 32-bit conversion was released on October 7, 1995, less than a month after the PlayStation launched in North America. As part of its battle with Sega Saturn over the 32-bit market, Sony bought exclusive rights from Midway to release the game on 32-bit consoles. As a response, Sega purchased exclusive 32-bit rights to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Two versions of MK3 were released for PC. One version was strictly made for DOS. The other version was the PlayStation version ported over for Windows. An emulated version of the game was included on Midway Arcade Teasures 2 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube in 2004. It also was featured on Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play for the PSP in 2005 and Midway Arcade Teasures Deluxe Edition for the PC in 2006. Deluxe featured a 1995 10-minute documentary about the making of the game.

The gameplay continued to evolve from the progress made in Mortal Kombat II. The engine created for MK3 is the base used in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.














Shao Kahn reprised his MKII role as the game's main boss with a new chararacter, Motaro, serving as his sub-boss.

Character Select Screen
Character Select Screen
Liu Kang and Sub-Zero returned in MK3, making them the only two characters to appear as playable in every game up to this point. Shang Tsung was in MK1, but was the game's boss and unplayable. Kano and Sonya, who were not playable in MKII, made their returns in MK3. Not making the cut from the past two games were Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Scorpion. Characters that were introduced as playable in MKII not returning were Reptile, Kitana, Mileena, and Baraka. Reptile was an accessible opponent in MK1, but not playable. Making their debut in MKII and returning were Jax and Kung Lao. Smoke was an accessible opponent in MKII but not playable. Seven new characters to the MK universe made their debut in MK3: Sheeva, Stryker, Kabal, Cyrax, Sektor, Nightwolf, and Sindel. For the second time, Noob Saibot returns as an accessible opponent through a versus screen code.


Unlike the past two games, both the visuals and the audio of the game moved away from the game's traditional Oriental, Eastern roots and took on more of a Western feel to emphasize the idea of Shao Kahn invading the United States.


For the first time in the series, a Run button was added with a corresponding Run Meter which limited people from running all the time.

A combo system which involved a series of button presses to perform a programmed set of actions was added. Some of these "dial-a-combos" are basic damage dealers and others are used to launch opponents in the air to perform juggle combos.

For the first time in the franchise, a "Choose Your Destiny" screen to allow a player to select their own difficulty level when playing against the computer. The player could choose between three difficulties: Novice, Warrior, and Master. This was done in response to the crticism of the punishing difficulty of Mortal Kombat II.

Another franchise first is the ability to uppercut your opponent through a ceiling and move to another arena mid-match. There are three arenas which have breakable ceilings: the Subway, the Bank, and the Soul Chamber. You can uppercut your opponent through a ceiling when either performing a regular uppercut or performing a combo that ends with an uppercut.

Friendships and Babalities returned from MKII, although the parameters for performing them were made easier. In MKII, a player could not press High Punch or Low Punch in the second winning round. In MK3, this system was changed to where the player only could not press Block during the second winning around.

When a player won a match that went to three rounds, the winning player now has the ability to show "Mercy" to the opponent by being at least half-screen away, holding the Run button and pressing Down four times. This will bring the opponent's health bar back to danger for one last shot to win. To go along with the new Mercy mechanism, a new type of finishing move made its debut in MK3: the Animality. An Animality is where a fighter turns into a glowing version of an animal to kill their opponent. MK3 developer, John Vogel, confirmed that they decided to put Animalities in the game in response to the rumors that there were Animalities in MKII (which there were not). The requirement for performing an Animality was that the player had to show Mercy and still win round 3 in order to get to perform one.

Three arenas allowed for Arena Fatalities: the Subway, the Bell Tower, and the Pit 3.

A new mechanism added to the game was the inclusion of "Kombat Kodes" which were 6-digit codes both players could input at a versus screen to modify gameplay, fight hidden characters, or read certain text messages. To go along with the idea of codes, players who chose not to continue after a loss to the computer were given the option to enter an "Ultimate Kombat Kode." This Kode was 10-digits long and entering in the correct code permanently unlocked Smoke as a playable character. Smoke is a palette-swap of Sektor and Cyrax. Shang Tsung cannot morph into Smoke.

Moves List

-Sub Zero-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Ice Blast: Quarter Circle Towards - Low Punch
Ice Shower: Quarter Circle Towards - High Punch
Ice Clone: Quarter Circle Back - Low Punch
Slide: Back Low Punch Block Low Kick

Fatality 1: Down - Towards - Away - High Kick [Sweep Distance]
(Sub-Zero blows mist at his victim, which freezes them, before
they topple over and crumble.)
Fatality 2: Down - Towards - Down - Towards - Low Punch [Close]
(Sub-Zero raises his opponent high over his head, then freezes
them as he breaks him/her over his knee.)

Animality: Hold Block - Two Up [Close]
(Sub-Zero morphs into a Polar Bear, and starts tearing at his

-Sonya Blade--------------------------------------------------------------------
Energy Rings: Quarter Circle Towards - Low Punch
Angular Bicycle Kick: Two Back - Down - High Kick
Square Wave Punch: Towards - Back - High Punch
Leg Grab: Down Low Punch Block

Fatality 1: Three Down - Towards - Low Kick [Anywhere]
(Sonya performs her old MK1 fatality, blowing a deadly kiss to her

Animality: Hold Low Punch - Two Away - Two Towards - Release
(Sonya morphs into a hawk and mangles her opponent.)

-Liu Kang-----------------------------------------------------------------------
High Fireball: Two Towards - High Punch
Low Fireball: Two Towards - Low Punch
Flying Kick: Two Towards - Low Kick
Bicycle Kick : Charge Low Kick (3)

Fatality 1: Three Towards - Away - Towards - Low Kick [Anywhere]
(Liu Kang disappears, and at the same time, a column of flame
erupts over his opponent's body.)
Fatality 2: Hold Block - Three Up - Release - Block Run [Anywhere]
(Liu Kang disappears, and a Mortal Kombat I machine falls on top
of his opponent.)

Ground Slam: Charge Low Kick (4)
Double Missile: Two Towards - Two Back - High Punch
Single Missile: Away - Towards - High Punch
Running Shoulder Slam: Two Towards - High Kick

Fatality 1: Hold Block - 360 Degrees Towards - Release
(Jax's arms morph into sharp-edged blades, and he proceeds to dice
his opponent. When he is done, they hang in the air momentarily,
before splattering to the ground.)
Fatality 2: Run - Run - Run - Block - Low Kick

-Shang Tsung--------------------------------------------------------------------
Volcanic Eruption: Two Towards - Two Back - Low Kick
Skulls: Two Back - High Punch (1)
Two Back - Towards - High Punch (2)
Two Back - Two Towards - High Punch (3)

Sindel: Back - Down - Back - Low Kick
Jax: Two Towards - Down - Low Punch
Kano: Towards - Away - Towards - Block
Liu Kang: 360 motion
Stryker: Three Towards - High Kick
Sub-Zero : Towards - Down - Towards - Low Punch
Cyrax: Three Block
Sektor: Down - Towards - Away - Run
Nightwolf: Three Up
Sheeva: Towards - Down - Towards - Low Kick
Sonya Blade: Run Low Punch Block
Kung Lao: Run - Run - Block - Run
Kabal: Low Punch - Block - High Kick

Fatality 1: Hold Low Punch - Down - Towards - Down - Towards - Release
(Tsung raises a bed of spikes from the floor, and knocks his
opponent onto it.)

-Kung Lao-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Hat Throw: Away - Towards - Low Punch
Teleport: Down - Up
Diving Kick: Down High Kick

Fatality 1: Four Down - Run Block [Sweep]
(Kung Lao goes into his spin move. It glows larger, and larger,
and sucks his opponent in. Body parts come flying out.)

Animality: Run-Run-Run-Run-Block-Block [Anywhere]
(Kung Lao morphs into a Leopard, and gores his opponent.)

Knife Throw: Down - Away - High Punch
Cannonbal: Charge Low Kick (3)
Knife Uppercut: Down - Towards - High Punch
Grab & Bite: Half Circle Towards - Low Punch
Air Throw: Block

Fatality 1: Three Towards - Down - Low Punch
(Kano pulls his opponent's skeleton out of their mouth.)

Animality: Hold High Punch - Three Towards - Release High Punch
(Kano morphs into a spider and sucks the life from his victim.)

Heat Seeker: Half Circle Away - High Punch
Straight Missile: Two Towards - Low Punch
Teleport: Two Towards - Low Kick

Fatality 1: Three Back - High Kick
(Sektor's chest opens up to reveal a large crushing machine, which
then smashes the victim.)

Animality: Three Down - Up
(Sektor morphs into a bat, and flies off the screen. When he flies
back on, he decapitates his opponent.)

Long Range Grenade: Half Circle Away - High Punch
Short Range Grenade: Half Circle Away - Low Punch
Nightstick Throw: Two Towards - High Kick
Nightstick Trip: Towards - Away - Low Punch

Fatality 1: Down - Towards - Down - Towards - Block
(Stryker turns his back to the players. When he turns back, there
is a time bomb strapped to his opponent's back. Stryker then holds
his ear's as his opponent explodes.)
Fatality 2: Four Towards - Low Kick
(Stryker fires a cord at his opponent, electrocuting him/her.)

Leaping Stomp: Down - Up
Fireball: Quarter Circle Towards - High Punch
Ground Stomp: Away - Down - Away - High Kick

Fatality 1: Hold Low Kick High Kick - Three Towards - Release
(Sheeva grabs her opponent by each shoulder, and rips off their
skin like clothing.)
Fatality 2: Three Towards - Low Punch
(Sheeva pounds her opponent into the ground.)

Energy Net: Three Back - Low Kick
Exploding Teleport: Two Towards - Low Kick
Long Range Bomb: Hold Low Kick - Two Towards - High Kick - Release
Short Range Bomb: Hold Low Kick - Two Back - High Kick - Release

Fatality 1: Three Up - Down - High Punch
(Cyrax decimates his opponent with a rotor blade.)
Fatality 2: Hold Block - 360 Degress Towards - Release Block - Run
(Cyrax self destructs, Predator style, taking his opponent with

Animality: Three Down - Up
(Cyrax morphs into a shark, and eats his opponent.)

Fireball: Two Back - High Punch
^Can now be done while airborne.^
Tornado Spin: Away - Towards - Low Kick
Spinning Blade: Thrre Back - Run

Fatality 1: Two Back - Towards - Down - Block
(Kabal fires a hose into his opponent, who's head then inflates.
They then proceed to float off of the screen. A loud blast can be
heard before body parts fall onto the screen.)

Animality: Charge High Punch (3)
(Kabal morphs into a strange-looking skeletal beast with horns, and
rams his opponent.)

Scream: Three Towards - High Punch
Float: Three Away - High Kick
Air Fireball: Half Circle Towards - Low Kick
Fireball: Two Towards - Low Punch

Fatality 1: Three Towards - Low Punch
(Sindel screams at her opponent, destroying most of her victim's
flesh. A pile of bones is left afterwards.)

Animality: Two Towards - High Punch
(Sindel morphs into a large wasp. She lifts her opponent up, and
flies off of the screen, stinging them to death.)

Shoot Arrow: Half Circle Away - Low Punch
Hatchet Uppercut: Half Circle Towards - High Punch
Shield Aura: Three Towards - High Kick
Shadow Shoulder Ram: Three Towards - Low Kick

Fatality 1: Down - Two Towards - High Kick
(Nightwolf uses the light of the moon to disentegrate his victim.)
Fatality 2: Three Back - High Punch
(Nightwolf calls on the power of Raiden, who channels his power
through Nightwolf's hatchet to electrocute his opponent.)

Animality: Hold Block - Three Down - Release
(Nightwolf morphs into a wolf, and gores his opponent.)


The following is the map rotation of the arenas in MK3.
  • The Subway (can uppercut into the Street)
  • The Bank (can uppercut into the Rooftop)
  • The Street
  • The Rooftop
  • The Balcony
  • The Bridge
  • The Soul Chamber (can uppercut into the Balcony)
  • The Tower
  • The Church
  • The Grave Yard
  • The Pit 3

Noob Saibot's Dorfen and the Hidden Portal are also playable arenas but only through versus screen codes to fight Noob Saibot and Smoke, respectively. If the machine has Smoke already unlocked, the the Hidden Portal arena is no longer accessible.


  • Liu Kang - Eddie Wong
  • Shang Tsung and Sub-Zero - John Turk
  • Jax - John Parrish
  • Kung Lao - Tony Marquez
  • Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, and Nightwolf - Sal Divita
  • Sindell - Lia Montelongo
  • Kano, Kabal and Noob Saibot - Richard Divizio
  • Kurtis Stryker - Michael O'Brien
  • Raiden - Carlos Pesina
  • Shao Kahn - Brian Glynn
  • Shao Kahn (Voice) - Steve Ritchie
  • Sonya Blade - Kerri Hoskins
  • Software - Ed Boon
  • Graphics - John Tobias
  • Graphics - Steve Beran
  • Sounds and Music - Dan Forden
  • Graphics - Tony Goskie
  • Graphics - Dave Michicich
  • Graphics - John Vogel
  • Executive Producer - Neil Nicastro
  • Executive Producer - Ken Fedesna
  • Executive Producer - Paul Dussault
  • Hardware Design - Mark Loffredo
  • Hardware Design - Ray Macika
  • Hardware Design - Pat Cox
  • Hardware Design - Cary Mednick
  • Hardware Design - Ray Gay
  • Senior Hardware Technician - Sheridan Oursler
  • Senior Hardware Technician - Al Lasko
  • Senior Hardware Technician - Jeff Peters
  • DCS Sound System - Matt Booty
  • DCS Sound System - Ed Keenan
  • DCS Sound System - John Lowes
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - John Hey
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - Peg Burr
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - Dan Forden
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - Ann Mazza
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - Vince Pontarelli
  • Grunts, Screams, Groans and Gibberish - Ed Boon