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Lemmings was largely a maze game that required you direct a group of green haired, blue-shirted lemmings from point A to point B.  The lemmings constantly march in one direction unless they run into an obstacle, at which point they would turn around and run the other way.  Being fearless and unaware of their own mortality, the lemmings will blindly run into fire, jump off cliffs, become crushed and fall victim to numerous other pitfalls. 

To circumvent their ignorance of their own existence, the player would have to command lemmings to do certain tasks in order to complete a stage and get a certain amount of lemmings to safety.

Lemmings could dig in soft terrain to go straight down, use a pick to move at an angle, downward, through heavier terrain, use their arms (windmill style) to punch through various terrain, build staircase platforms to go over ledges, and many other tasks/commands at the players disposal.

A lot of the fun of the game comes from watching the various deaths that the lemmings would encounter.