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Game & Watch Gallery 2

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But this wasn't in the forecast!
But this wasn't in the forecast!
Game & Watch Gallery 2 is the second collection of Game & Watch titles released by Nintendo. Each game has both a "classic" mode where you play the same basic game that was released on the original Game & Watch device, and a brand new "modern" version which has been spruced up a bit and has had Mario characters added to it. Each game also has a "Game A" and "Game B" mode which alters the difficulty level. Every time you set a new high score of at least 200 points, you earn a star. Each game mode has five stars to earn, you cannot earn more stars by replaying the game without setting a new high score or by scoring over the 1000 points necessary to earn all five stars. Stars allow you to unlock more games and see more things in the museum.


Chef - Catch food in a frying pan and prevent it from hitting the floor. In  the modern version, cook the food until it's done enough to feed to Yoshi. But never drop it!

Parachute - Catch the people parachuting out of the helicopter. In the modern version, different characters fall at different speeds.

Donkey Kong - A Game & Watch version of the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

Helmet - Race across the yard into the house while avoiding the objects that are mysteriously raining from the sky. But beware, the door randomly opens and closes!

Vermin - Keep the vermin from eating your crops!

Ball - Juggle the bouncing balls. The modern version can only be unlocked once you have 25 total stars.


The museum is where you can view movies of other Game & Watch games being played, and also where you can unlock even more games to play, although these cannot earn you any stars. It's important to remember that some of these games cannot be unlocked without linking to another Game Boy with a copy of the game. The games available to you are Donkey Kong, Oil Panic, Green House, Lifeboat, Donkey Kong Jr, Tropical Fish, Rain Shower, and Spit Ball Sparky.