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Earthworm Jim

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Earthworm Jim was just an ordinary earthworm who was running from some crows when an indestructible, high-tech, super suit (created by the evil genius Professor Monkey-for-a-Head)  falls onto him from the sky. This transforms him into the super earthworm we all know and love.  The suit was dropped by a space ship that was being attacked by Psy-Crow who is an evil henchman for the Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt (or Queen Slug-for-a-Butt in short). The suit was originally designed to her to help her take over the galaxy. Psy-Crow comes to earth to look for the suit but only finds the scorch marks that were made by it. So he radios Queen Slug-for-a-Butt and they talk about their evil plans for her sister Princess What's-Her-Name. Unbeknown to Psy-Crow, EWJ was hiding and heard everything and decides to save the princess

How Do You Play?

Basic gameplay

The character Jim begins his journey of rescuing Princess What's-Her-Name through the game's first level, "New Junk City". There, Jim is introduced to concepts that will be seen throughout most of the course of the game. This includes the use of chain, rope, moss, etc. to climb horizontally, attempting to avoid the peril of landing on spikes, and swinging from hook to hook via Jim's own worm self.  In each level, however, there is some sort of design in the level that makes it unique from all of the others. This level in particular, for example, is the only one that includes obstacles such as jumping on bouncy piles of tires and using zip-lines as obstacles to get closer toward Jim's destination.

Jim will almost immediately encounter baddies even at the start of the game. His weapons that are used to fend off such baddies includes a little red blaster and his own earthworm body. Either weapon can be used almost at anytime, though at occasion one can be more effective than the other (the gun could stun a crow, but it takes a little longer to kill than with just using Jim's alternative for a whip, which only takes a single lash for it to be no longer in existence). The blaster uses a limited amount of ammo, with as much as five thousand bullets that could be in Jim's disposal. If Jim happens to run out of ammo, then the blaster will recharge up to one hundred bullets by itself. There are also Mega Blaster bullets that can be found throughout each of almost every level. This type of firepower is found in quantities of one shot per find, and delivers a big, disintegrating blow.

Even though Jim is mostly running, jumping, shooting, and whipping, there will be times where the formula changes. In the "Down the Tubes" and "Tube Race" levels, for example, Jim will have the opportunity of riding a giant hamster and a sea pod as well running and jumping his way to the end of the level. In the "Snot a Problem" level/rounds, Jim is seen challenging the boss of the level, named Major Mucus, to a bungee contest, attempting to bash each other on a wall in order for one of the two's bungee rope to snap, causing that one to fall in a pool of snot, thus leading to the one still on his rope to achieve victory, all without any platforming to get to that very boss. The objective for the level "For Pete's Sake", Jim must guide Peter the Puppy to his home by whipping him to jump and shooting towards him to heel, whilst going through such obstacles as UFOs, asteroids, cement-mixer monsters, see-saw-like levers, springy platforms, and the like.

Between transitions from one world to the next, Jim can also be controlled during the times he is riding his Pocket Rocket in asteroid fields while meeting his next destination, as well as trying to get there before his arch nemesis Psy-Crow stops him. These levels are known in the game as the "Andy Asteroids?" levels. Each confrontation of this level is the same: Jim must race Psy-Crow in an asteroid field in order to move on the the next level. During the course of the level, Jim could find atomic accelerators to get a quick boost, fuel pods (collecting at least fifty of these will earn Jim an extra continue), and a shield that makes him temporarily invincible to anything. He can fail his race in two ways:
  1. Jim could crash into an asteroid enough times to have his power suit explode like he would when he usually dies.
  2. Psy-Crow wins the race.
If Jim were to lose to Psy-Crow, then he would reluctantly have to land his rocket to a planet and fight the evildoer until that evildoer had enough of being dizzy due to being hit by bullets and worms and flies away in his jetpack.


While on foot:
  • B is to jump; pressing it repeatedly makes Jim's head spin in a helicopter motion
  • A is to use Jim's head like a whip
  • Y is to use the blaster
  • Directional pad is to move
During the "Andy Asteroids?" levels:
  • Hold B to accelerate the Pocket Rocket
  • Directional pad is to steer from left to right
  • If Jim were to find a shield, then A is to activate it
While controlling the sea pod in the "Down the Tubes" or "Tube Race" levels:
  • Directional pad is to steer the water jets
  • B is to accelarate the water jets
During the "Snot a Problem" rounds:
  • Directional pad controls Jim; left and right to move Jim left and right respectively, and up and down to move Jim up and down respectively
  • B is to ram into things, whether it be Major Mucus or the walls

Trivia and Media

The music for the Earthworm Jim games was composed by Tommy Talarico, one of the greats of videogame music. 
In the TV show of Earthworm Jim, the voice of Jim was Dan Castellaneta who also dons the voice of Homer Simpson of The Simpsons TV series.
In 2008 the game was added to screwattacks video game vault.
In 2007 It was announced that an all new Earthworm Jim would be release on Playstation portable. ("on hold")
In 2007 It was announced that an Earthworm Jim movie was in the works.