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Dragon Warrior Monsters

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     Terry and his sister Milayou are chasing each other around playfully in their home, when his sister decides it is time to go to sleep. She goes on to mention that their parents told them that if they stayed up too late monsters would come into their room and carry them away. Terry then says (or rather Milayou responds to an unspoken comment) he wants to meat these monster. Milayou calls her brother silly, and the two go to bed. Terry then wakes up (the player now has control over him) and walks into the next room.

     In the next room he meats a monster who jumped out of a drawer, asking him if he is Milayou. The monster figures out you are not Milayou and says he has no interest in you and explains he is Warubou fron the Kingdom of Greatlog. He then violently knocks you out of the way and kidnaps your sister. Moments later another monster jumps out of the same drawer. This monster seems to be clueless on the events that have just occurred, asking where Milayou is. He notices that Terry speaks "monster talk" and asks Terry where Milayou is. Terry explains the events that have just occurred and the new monster remarks about how he was "too late". He then tells Terry his name; Watabou. Terry asks where his sister is and Watabou tells him that if he follows him then Terry may have a chance to find her. Terry jumps into the same drawer both monsters came from and is teleported to a strange room.

     In this room he is greeted by an old man in a gray robe. He remarks how Terry "must be the master". He tells Terry that he is in the Kingdom of GreatTree and he must go pay his respects to the king. He further explains that the kingdom is created inside a big tree and the castle is at the very top of the tree. Inside the throne room Terry is greeted by the minister of the kingdom who tells you that the king has a request of you and pleads you to comply with his request. The king's request is for Terry to enter the Stary Night tournament, and win. Terry says he would rather find his sister. The king tells Terry that the winner of the Stary night Tournament is granted a single wish, and he could use that wish to find his sister. The king offers you some monster and sends you out to Pulio the master of the monster farm.

     Once at the monster farm Pulio accuses him of trying to steal his monsters but quickly figures out that Terry is actually the new master and not a theif, aperently by his scent. He then confesses to you that he only has one monster left, as the rest have all been stolen! Slib, the favorite monster of the previous king. Back in the throne room the king displays surprise that you picked such an old weak monster. He calls in Pulio and demands to know if the monster "Hale" excaped as well, Pulio confirms that Hale indeed did escape. The king then says he is throwing Pulio in the dungeon for his mistake. Terry, being the good guy he is, says he will catch Hale in order to save Pulio from his fate. He then tells Terry that Hale has escaped through one of the Travelers' Gates. If Terry can bring Hale back, Pulio will be pardoned.

Room of Beginning

     After progressing through the first gate Terry finally meat up with Hale. Hale claims he does not want to go back to the castle, but after beating him he says he would like to go with Terry on his adventures. Back at the throne room the king displays delight over the fact that Hale has been brought back to him, only to learn that Hale would rather go with Terry. The king, is a sudden change of actions, decides he is happy over this choice and free Pulio. Terry is informed that there are rivals waiting to fight him at the arena.

     At the arena, if Terry wins the first two matches he is able to fight the final challanger of the G-ranked battles, the Principal of the Master School. The Principal of the Master School comes onto the state and introduces himself. After winning the match Terry is told the king wants to talk to him. The kind tells Terry he is proud of him for winning G-class, but in the middle of the conversion someone barges into the room. He asks the king how he is going, addressing him as "King of GreatTree". The stranger reviles that the king is the host of the tournament this time around and tells the king he must fight with honor. The man then looks at Terry and remarks him as a "cute little child" and asks him if he was "playing with the king". He then tells Terry that he is the King of Greatlog, the kingdom that kidnapped his sister.

     The king begs Terry to win, reveling his dislike towards the other king. The king opens up the Room of Villager & Talisman as a reward for Terry winning in G-class.


     The game is a monster collecting, breeding, and fighting RPG. The player can have up to three monsters at one time and when they catch ore monsters they must go into storage. The game plays much like the other Dragon Warriors games, the player has control of three monsters and can command them to either choose their own attack by simply selecting Fight, or can manually choose what attack that want their monster to use, however, the monster must like you enough to lsiten to you. You make your monsters like you more by feeding them meat, the same way you catch them.