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Bubble Bobble

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Bubble Bobble is an arcade game created by Taito. The arcade version of the game was released in 1986, with console and computer releases coming soon after. The game is a co-op platformer starring twin dinosaurs named Bub and Bob as they travel through one hundred one-screen levels. The game stars twin dinosaurs named Bub and Bob. Bubble Bobble became very popular, inspiring a number of sequels and spin-offs.


An early level
An early level
Bubble Bobble follows Bub and Bob as they venture through 100 different levels. The dinosaurs have the ability to blow bubbles, which they capture enemies within. Once an enemy is captured inside of a bubble, Bub and Bob must pop the bubble to defeat the enemy. Once defeated, the enemy will fly off, and turn into a tasty treat, which can be snagged by Bub and Bob for points. The object of each level is to eliminate every foe. When one foe remains, they will become enraged, and move faster. If Bub and Bob take to long, ghost whales will come and destroy the dinosaurs. Each level consists of one screen with a complex series of blocks. Bub and Bob can jump through thin layers of blocks, as can their enemies. There are two holes on the top of the screen, and two holes on the bottom. All characters can travel through these to the opposite side of the screen.

There is a large number of enemies, all of which have different traits. The most basic of these enemies is a small, square robot that runs around. Others include witches that create boulders,
A level shaped like a character
A level shaped like a character
whales that bounce around, helicopter blobs, and more. As the game progresses, more enemy types appear in all sorts of locations, and the challenge comes in figuring out how to take out each type of enemy. Some offensive items that will commonly appear are waterfalls and lightning bolts. Waterfalls will sweep up any characters they pass, and dump them down the hole. Lightning bubbles will fly horizontally across the screen, shocking anything they touch. There are also powerups that create short bonus rounds, such as one that spreads large cookies over the screen, and the players must gather them before the time runs out.


There are a large variety of powerups to collect in the game, and some must be used to safely complete a level. Each one comes are very random times, and many are quite rare.
  • Yellow Sweetie: Bubble firing speed increases
  • Purple Sweetie: Long range bubbles
  • Blue Sweetie: Increase bubble firing speed across screen
  • Red Shoe: Faster movement
  • Clock: Timer freezes
  • Orange Umbrella: Skip 3 levels
  • Red Umbrella: Skip 5 levels
  • Purple Umbrella: Skip 7 levels
  • Flashing Heart: Enemies freeze, dinosaur becomes invincible
  • Skull: Immediately initiates "Hurry up!"
  • There are many other powerups not listed, most of which increase the player's score, or aid in doing so.