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Blade (sometimes referred to as, "Blade: The Vampire Hunter" because of the promotional artwork) was a proposed licensed game by Zero Gravity Entertainment as a full fledged game to follow up their previous Marvel licensed work, the X-Men Ravages of Apocalypce Quake expansion. It never left the the concept stage of development for PC, though both Dreamcast and Playstation ports were proposed.

The primary objective of the player was to halt the vampires' play to resurrect Dracula and prevent the whole human population from turning into vampires. The game was to be broken into four larger missions composed of smaller objectives, such as driving between locations throughout an unnamed modern day city, visiting Blade's warehouse and hunting for clues in addition to actually fighting enemies. A constant theme across the missions in the game was to be saving as many humans as possible. The more humans that were killed, the more Blade reverted to his vampiric nature while the number of enemies throughout the later levels would increase if humans were converted by the vampires.


Planned gameplay concepts included: third person action (both hand to hand and weapon based), arcade style driving (car and motorcycle), light role playing and adventuring. Missions were to be flexible enough to facilitate pure action, pure stealth and any combination of the two with multiple possible outcomes depending on the individual player's actions.