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Play Commander Keen online

Commander Keen was a side-scrolling action game released by ID software and published by Apogee in the early 1990's. It gained popularity at the time for bringing side-scrolling action, which, at the time, was thought to only be good on the NES and Master Systems, to the PC. Commander Keen was also popular due to its use of humour in the game. This game went on to spawn an entire series comprising of 7 games and was released during the period where shareware software was booming.

Play Battletoads online

Battletoads is a genre-defying tale of two toads' quest to rescue their kidnapped friends from the clenches of the Dark Queen. Where Frogger brought frogs to the forefront of videogaming, Battletoads taught children that toads weren't frogs and were here to kick some ass.

Play Dig Dug online

Dig dug is an arcade game released in 1982. The objective is to kill the underground monsters by either squishing them under a rock through the tunnels you create or by popping them using your weapon directly.

Play Lufia - The Legend Returns online

The island of the Sinistrals, Doom Island, sank deep into the sea after the second Doom Island War. It was believed to be in an eternal sleep, but has once again begun silently beating, preparing to make its appearance in the sky for the third time. The evil Sinistrals have again been resurrected and released an unforseen terror on the land. A force has awaken witin you... a spiritual flow that draws you to a conflict that will save the world! The power of Maxim's legendary bloodline lives in you... The thread of destiny guides you through an adventurous journey looking for an unknown destination!

Play Pocket Bomberman online

A gameboy (color enabled) bomberman game featuring a side view for platforming elements.

Play Mr. Do! online

Mr. Do! is an arcade style game similar to dig dug in which you play as a clown and are charged with the mission to kill all reptile like creatures with either your magic ball or dropping an apple on them.