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Play Harvest Moon online

Harvest Moon on the SNES is similar in nature to the later games in the franchise. In the game you improve your farm and farming techniques, make money from selling your produce, romance the women of the town, and eventually take a wife and have children.

Play Heroes of Might and Magic II online

Heroes of Might and Magic II is a turn-based strategy RPG. Player characters take control of an army of fantasy-oriented warriors and explore the lands.

Play WWF Betrayal online

WWF Betrayal was released for the Game Boy Color in 2001. Instead of mimicking pro wrestling, it featured WWE Superstars of that era in a side-scrolling beat 'em up.

Play Magical Tetris Challenge online

Magical Tetris Challenge is a falling puzzle game based the Tetris franchise featuring Disney characters.

Play The Lion King online

The Lion King is a platformer released in 1994 for a wide array of systems by Virgin Interactive.

Play Azure Dreams online

Embark on a quest as a young man attempts to restore his village and his father's legacy while exploring a mysterious tower.