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Classic role-playing games online

Play Azure Dreams online

Embark on a quest as a young man attempts to restore his village and his father's legacy while exploring a mysterious tower.

Play Final Fantasy Adventure online

This top-down 2D action RPG featuring battery saves. This was actually the first game in the Mana franchise, but renamed to Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest for US/EU release.

Play Magi Nation online

Based on the collectible trading card game, it's Magi Nation!

Play Final Fantasy Legend II online

Final Fantasy Legends II will be remade for the Nintendo DS. The gameplay and visuals will be updated. The game now runs in full 3D, and may even be cell shaded. The game is being made in honor of the 20th anniversary of the "SaGa" Series in Japan.

Play The Final Fantasy Legend online

The Final Fantasy Legend was the first in a series of SaGa games on the Game Boy. The only thing that really connects this game with the Final Fantasy franchise is its name, and little else.

Play Lufia - The Legend Returns online

The island of the Sinistrals, Doom Island, sank deep into the sea after the second Doom Island War. It was believed to be in an eternal sleep, but has once again begun silently beating, preparing to make its appearance in the sky for the third time. The evil Sinistrals have again been resurrected and released an unforseen terror on the land. A force has awaken witin you... a spiritual flow that draws you to a conflict that will save the world! The power of Maxim's legendary bloodline lives in you... The thread of destiny guides you through an adventurous journey looking for an unknown destination!

Play Metal Walker online

Metal Walker is an RPG for the Game Boy published by Capcom. It is a Pokemon like battling game with a unique battle system. Instead of regular turn based battles, the fighting takes place on a flat plane where robots are flung at each other and items called Capsules to do damage.