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Classic puzzle games online

Play Mole Mania online

Mole Mania is a puzzle game in which you guide Muddy Mole through obstacle courses on his way to rescue his family from the farmer Jinbe.

Play Stargate online

Stargate is loosely based on the movie of the same name.

Play Boxxle online

Boxxle is a puzzle game that has you pushing boxes around onto certain points to clear each level. As easy as it sounds, it's actually quite the challenge and it also has a ton of stages.

Play Catrap online

Catrap is a puzzle game release for Game Boy. The object is to guide one (or two) cat-like people through a series of obstacles until they've K.O.'d all the enemies.

Play Pang online

Arcade puzzle platformer also known as Buster Bros. Shoot the bouncing balls before they take over some the world's historical landmarks.