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Play Shantae online

Shantae, a Game Boy Color game developed by WayFoward, features a half-genie named Shantae, and her battle against the villanous Risky Boots. It was one of the only games from the Game Boy Color era to have additional functionality when used in the Gameboy Advance.

Play Animaniacs online

"Animaniacs" is a platformer game released for both the SNES and the Genesis systems. Both games, although fairly different, allows for the player to switch between the three characters at will in order to overcome obstacles.

Play Earthworm Jim online

Created by Shiny Entertainment and the twisted mind of Dave Perry, Earthworm Jim is a nonsensical side scroller that allows you to destroy your enemy with exploding cows.

Play Prehistorik Man online

A humorous 2-D caveman game where you must get back your food supply.