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Classic fighting games online

Play Battle Arena Toshinden online

Released in 1995, Battle Arena Toshinden was one of the first fighting games on the Playstation to utilize 3D graphics.

Play Killer Instinct online

Killer Instinct is a fighting game by Rare. It was released in 1994 for the arcade and in 1995 for the Super Nintendo. The arcades got a sequel named Killer Instinct 2. The Nintendo 64 got Killer Instinct Gold, which was based on Killer Instinct 2.

Play Shaq Fu online

The banished mummy Sett-Ra is about to break through to this dimension and take over the world, and the only hope for humanity is none other than Shaq.

Play WCW Mayhem online

Virtual wrestlers are grappling with reality in WCW Mayhem, a wrestling game featuring a roster of 60 World Championship Wrestling celebrities, over 600 motion-captured moves, and re-creations of the arenas from the WCW television events, including a dozen pay-per-view super events.

Play Raging Fighter online

Raging Fighter is a Konami fighting game for the Game Boy.

Play Metal Masters online

Robot Jox inspired giant robot smash'em up. Father of Rise Of The Robots.