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Play Croc 2 online

Croc 2 is a platformer that follows the cute crocodile protagonist, Croc, in his adventure to free his furry friends the gobbos from the forces of evil. On his way Croc collects gems in order to buy items that will assist his quest.

Play The Getaway online

In this crime-shooter, you play a man who must work for the Mob, to save his son, and you also play as the man that wants to bust the Mob leader.

Play Commander Keen online

Commander Keen was a side-scrolling action game released by ID software and published by Apogee in the early 1990's. It gained popularity at the time for bringing side-scrolling action, which, at the time, was thought to only be good on the NES and Master Systems, to the PC. Commander Keen was also popular due to its use of humour in the game. This game went on to spawn an entire series comprising of 7 games and was released during the period where shareware software was booming.

Play Rhino Rumble online

Rhino has eaten one too many peppers, and now his mouth is burning with flame. The only way to stop it is to find the magical waterfall, but creatures litter the path between the jungle party and the waterfall, so you must run, jump and stomp your way very carefully. 7 worlds split into 19 levels are on offer, each with a varying amount of creatures waiting to stop you from getting to your goal, but by using Rhino's newly added fire breath as well as his belly flop, most enemies shouldn't be a problem for you.

Play Little Nicky online

Little Nicky is a game for the Game Boy Color based off the movie of the same name.