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Play Chicken Run online

Chicken Run is a stealth-based 3-D platformer based on the movie, Chicken Run. The game is a loose parody of the famous The Great Escape movie, which is based in WWII.

Play The Castlevania Adventure online

Cristopher Belmont, equipped with his trusty Vampire Killer whip, sets out to defeat the evil Count Dracula.

Play The Mummy Returns online

Experience the ultimate evil or heroism at its best in The Mummy Returns! Give in to all that evil will grant you on your quest to rule the world as Imhotep. Or fight as Rick to save your son, Alex and thwart the Mummy's plans to rule the world.

Play Prince of Persia online

Prince of Persia is Jordan Mechner's original Persian adventure and the first game in a multi-million dollar franchise.

Play Godzilla online

Godzilla's son (Minilla) has been captured and taken away by evil monsters and it is up to the big G to get him back. In a somewhat untraditional manner however, as Godzilla must work his way through a puzzle game involving destroying all the rocks in every stage.