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Classic action games online

Play Rampart online

Rampart is a blend of action and strategy, where you take turns building, defending, and attacking castles.

Play Jurassic Park online

Take control of Dr. Grant and attempt to escape Jurassic Park.

Play Bomberman GB online

Help Bomberman on this Quest on the Game Boy.

Play Road Rash online

Road Rash is a motorcycle racing game with the unique feature of being able to attack rivals while you race at high speed. Do whatever it takes to win. Even if that means clubbing your opponents into the tarmac with a baseball bat!

Play The Amazing Spider-Man online

Control Spider-Man, and fight his old enemies to save Spidey's beloved.

Play Battletoads online

Battletoads is a genre-defying tale of two toads' quest to rescue their kidnapped friends from the clenches of the Dark Queen. Where Frogger brought frogs to the forefront of videogaming, Battletoads taught children that toads weren't frogs and were here to kick some ass.

Play Pocket Bomberman online

A gameboy (color enabled) bomberman game featuring a side view for platforming elements.

Play Mr. Do! online

Mr. Do! is an arcade style game similar to dig dug in which you play as a clown and are charged with the mission to kill all reptile like creatures with either your magic ball or dropping an apple on them.

Play Worms online

Worms is a simple looking, strategic turn-based action game developed by Team 17.

Play Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine online

In this Action/Adventure/Platformer, Indy looks to find the pieces of the infernal machine before the Russians can rebuild it in their attempts to communicate with the Babylonian god, Marduk. Originally developed for the PC, the game was later ported to the N64 and the Game Boy Color.