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Worms Armageddon

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Worms Armageddon is a turn-based artillery game created by Team 17.  The objective of the game is to kill the other team of worms with your team of worms by using crazy weapons varying from shotguns to exploding sheep



Axe: Takes half of worm's health off but will not kill a worm unless he is on one HP

Handgun: Only a maximum damage of 30 however you get Five shots

Uzi: Does a maximum damage of 50.

Shotgun: Very effective at close range and can fire more than once in a turn.

Minigun: Upgrade to the Uzi and does maximum of 75 damage.

Longbow: Can be used to knock opponents off edges.  You get two shots with the longbow.

Prod: Does no damage and only moves the enemy a small amount but damn is it funny!

Suicide Bomber: If used, your worm will blow himself up. This does a tiny bit of damage but also releases fumes that make the enemy sick. (losing health)

Kamikaze: launch your worm in enemy‚Äôs direction.  Does maximum of of 30 damage.

Air Strike: Missiles  dropped from the air onto your enemies heads. The angle of the strike can be chosen and each missile does maximum of 25 damage.

Napalm Strike: Napalm missiles  dropped from the air which  will explode into napalm above the ground coving it in fire.  Napalm is affected by the wind. 

French Sheep Strike: The Name says it all; Exploding Sheep are dropped over an area and do large amounts of Damage.

Mine Strike: Drop 5 mines onto the landscape or onto your enemy.

Bazooka: Shoots a rocket which is affected by the wind. Can use this to hit worms who are in difficult places or behind cover. 

Homing Missile: A missile that homes onto your enemy. Firstly you select the a